You may have heard of borderline or narcissistic personality disorder, but personality disorders as a whole are complicated lived experiences.  However, troubling thoughts and behaviors organized around one's self and others are fundamental components of personality problems.  For many, these experiences tend to cluster in ways that make life challenging.  I have experience treating individuals who have chronic difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

  • Unstable identity and sense of self

  • Impulsive, reckless, or "acting out" behaviors 

  • Feelings of emptiness, apathy, or disconnection

  • Unusual perceptual experiences or thoughts 

  • Inability to initiate or maintain close friendships and romantic relationships

  • Paranoia and lack of trust in those around you

  • Intense and sometimes confusing emotional experiences like extreme rage, sadness, or fear

  • Feeling misunderstood by others

  • Self-injurious behavior or suicidal thinking 

If any of the above problems or symptoms look familiar to you, I will provide consultation and develop a specialized treatment plan aimed to meet your individual symptomatic picture and reduce unnecessary emotional suffering.